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Free Course: The Spring Framework March 2015

ETS, together with Next Century Corporation, will be offering a full free course on the Spring Framework. This course is normally offered through ETS' professional training division, coreservlets.com, but will be offered at no charge for this promotional event.

The course will cater to working professionals and will take place across several early evening sessions in the Annapolis Junction area. Lectures on the various modules of Spring will be given from 4:30pm - 6:30pm. Students will receive a flash drive with a Virtual Machine that contains corresponding exercises that they may do at home. Exercises will not be collected or graded, but students may contact the instructor or bring laptops to the sessions to work through questions having to do with the assignments.

Student will receive:

Covered topics include:

Logistical Details

All course material including, but not limited to exercises, documents, powerpoints, code, and virtual machines are owned and copyrighted by coreservlets.com and may not be used for commercial training courses except when taught by coreservlets.com